International & Africa Affairs

This Department was established in 2011. The purpose of the Department of International Relations in the Global Business Roundtable is to ensure the visibility, the functioning and the presence of GBR and GFF in all continents, countries, provinces and regions/counties/ districts of the world.

The work of the Department will happen in three phases. The first phase which is the current phase will take about 5 years and the focus will be on launching and ensuring the presence of the two entities in all continents. This has resulted in launches that took place in Swaziland, followed by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho in 2011 and recently Mozambique. In 2012 the international launches that will take place are Zimbabwe, United States of America, United Kingdom, Namibia and Botswana. The launches that have taken place have been followed by successful trade missions where business people from different countries where GBR exists interact with business people from the host country to share business opportunities and form partnerships.

The second phase, which is the phase from 3 years to the 10th year, will be focusing on building sustainable structures in continents and countries and consolidating these structures and their functioning. This phase will also take place at the same time as the first phase as building solid structures in countries needs to happen immediately after the launches. The last phase which is a continuous phase will deal with coordinating major projects in different focus areas and institutions of society that GBR and GFFC will be focusing in: Trade and Investment; Education; Health; Culture; Heritage etc. Also it should be noted that there will be sectoral structures which will deal with sectoral Projects of the economy. These sectoral projects will focus on the Economic sectors like Mining, Construction, Energy, Finance, Agriculture, Technology etc. The purpose for this would be to ensure that GBR influences and shapes the direction and benefits from different sectors of the economy at country, regional and global level.

The international structure of GBR and GFFC will therefore facilitate the establishment of International Council where different continents are represented. At this point the only continent represented is Africa to be followed by America and Europe in 2012. The Department will have an Advisory Council which will consist of those who are experts and insight in the field of international relations and Continental understanding. Members of the Advisory Council that have been identified so far are from Africa. These would be the people who can share in the wisdom of what developmental trajectory the GFFC and the GBR can take from the international relations point of view. Each province/state in each country will have a representative who will be responsible for international relations and one who is responsible for Africa Affairs if the country in question is in the African Continent so that the coordination of the work of the department can spread.
The Continents will be divided as:

  • Africa
  • Caribbean Islands
  • Latin America
  • North Americas
  • Europe
  • Middle East
  • Asia - Pacific


It should be noted that the work of the department will prioritise the work in Africa as this is the continent that has been lagging behind when it comes to development, with a legacy of colonization and slavery. This is also the continent that has faced most conflicts and wars in the past centuries and decades. Africa is also a continent that is endowed with enormous resources but the most affected by poverty, lack and disease. For these reasons, GBR has established the Africa department as well which will not only work as an independent department but also in close liaison with the International Affairs Department. The Africa Department has thus started with one program so far which is that of ensuring that GBR members are exposed to business opportunities in Africa. Areas of Focus for the Department
  • Learning of Foreign Languages
  • Project Coordination
  • Infrastructure Building
  • Establishing of Industry: Industrialisation
  • Beneficiation in Africa and the Developing World in General.
  • Peace Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Building of Entrepreneurs
  • Policy Formulation
  • Relief
  • Building of Structures to Deal with Sectors of the Economy
  • Building of Structures to Deal with Institutions of Society

The areas of focus mentioned above will take different forms in different continents and in different countries. These will depend on the needs, opportunities and challenges of these countries.
The department will also look into ensuring that GFFC and GBR influences global policies, global programs, and influence the direction that the world needs to take economically, and socially. This would be done through interaction and participation with organisations at the global and regional level: e.g. United Nations, African Union, European Union, SADC, MAGREB, COMESA, IGAD, MERCUSOR etc. These bodies will range from governmental to economical.
What is critical in the work of the International Affairs Department and Africa Department of GBR and GFFC is the establishment of the Kingdom Of God in every corner of the world and to build this Kingdom in the social, political and economic global landscape. 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven: Mathew 6:10'