Member portal for GBR members

My GBR  social utility that helps people communicate more efficiently with their GBR network of friends, roundtables, departments & structures globally. This is a marketing & media platform that facilitates the sharing of information through the communal graph and the digital mapping of people's realworld collective connections to allow all GBR members to engage in real-time human conversations. 

My GBR will aid in the interaction with the GBR Members you've met at GBR Events and to maintain your generated networks in real-time conversations. 

Interaction Methods;
  • Members create topics and communicate in an open space about matters that matter to them. These are global forums and members from any area can interact and communicate together in one location. 

  • A small private membership base of members interested in a specific subject area, Departments. Heads of departments can create groups to interact with their members to engage in private matters. 

Activity Streams (Status Updates) 
  • Blog Posts, Friend Requests, Joining Groups, Topics or Replies posted in groups, status updates, profiles changes and any other activities are automatically recorded onto the activity streams. 

Share Content Through 
  • Real-time Streams (videos) 
  • Real-time Content (topics) 
  • Real-time Search (people, groups) 
  • Real-time Expectations (conversations)
Member portal for GBR members | Communications