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Prayer Directives for the next seven days focus financial release and breaking all forms of lack and receiving the manifestation of the blessing of Abraham upon GBR and GFFJ by Joseph Nyalungu.

Father we start this morning by thanking you for adoption us as son's and daughter's into your Royal Family. We thank you for your love for us and for your goodness towards us. We thank you that it was your plan to adopt us as sons by Jesus Christ as stated in Ephesians 1:5

We thank you Father that we have received the Spirit of adopting by whom we cry out ABBA Father. You are our source Father and we look to you as GBR and GFFJ and Father we dont receive the spirit of fear again, which brings bondage for we are your son's and daughter's and we trust in You as our source of supply for GBR and GFFJ.

We receive supernatural supply on the ground of your word for you said that you will open for us the double doors, and that the gates will not be shut.

Lord Jesus you have the Key of David you open and no one can shut we declare the gates of resource open over GBR and GFFJ in Jesus name.


Date: 2019/03/15 | Category: Global News | Posted by: GBR Admin

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