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Bochum Germany Launch

Dear Excellency 

You are invited to the Global Business Roundtable and Global Fund for Jesus launches in Europe as follows;

Chapters: Bochum (Germany), Holland, Luxembourg, Birmingham (England)

Date:  5 & 6 November 2016
Starts: 5 November - 14H00 - 18H00 (CEST)
6 November - 09H00 - 18H00 (CEST)

Venue: MIRS/EFG, Hermannshöhle 7.7a, 44789,

Dress Code:   Business Wear

All members are welcome to invite friends, family and colleagues.


To RSVP & further information contact:
Willy Mwamba
Email:            germany@globalbusinessroundtable.com

Pastor Kiabokuwa Kadis Martin Ndongala
Email:            Mndongala@yahoo.de
                       +49 152 136 33031

Molly Dhlamini
Email:            molly@globalbusinessroundtable.com

Website:        www.globalbusinessroundtable.com
Tel:                 +49 176 387 89421

Location: MIRS/EFG, Hermannshöhle 7.7a, 44789, Bochum, Germany

2016/11/05 09:00(CAT)

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Bochum Germany Launch